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Dojo Hub is a piece of software that helps you manage your Dojo. It runs in your browser and currently has a few features. We are currently in the Beta phase of development, which means we’re still working through lists of features we think will be useful for you, and we welcome any feedback you have.

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Our Features

Your Student Roster

Manage your students in one place, allow your instructors to collaborate on bringing the information for your students into a centralised, secure location. All through a handy dashboard that will alert you to medical conditions, certifications/expirations, and consent status, so you never have to remember the paperwork status of any of your students.

Medical Reporting

Make sure your instructing team have access to the latest medical information about your students in a convenient way, so that they can always offer the best and safest lessons.

Class Management

Manage classes and their respective rosters, so that you can see where your instructing and other resources would best serve your students.

Register Management

Handle your registers through our platform for super fast and convenient reporting and access to your registers, and statistics across your lessons, as well as keeping up with what lessons have been paid for, and which were free.

Certifications & Expirations

We all know how important it is to stay up to date with the latest First Aid and Safeguarding training, and to make sure instructors have all relevant DBS clearances. Our platform lets you manage these, as well as licensing, insurance, and memberships expirations.

Consents & Opt Ins

Manage the consent and opt ins of your students for taking photos and videos, promotional materials, email send outs, SMS, and more.

Student Notes

Any of your instructors can add notes to student files, allowing information to be easily shared amongst your instructors with important updates or happenings within your Club, related to that student.

Cloud File Storage

Upload files for your students, have paper forms that need uploading to the cloud? Perhaps important letters or other communications that need to be noted on a students account.


Club file storage, manage forms, paperwork, and other files to be shared between your instructors.

Order Fulfilment


Add orders and stock levels to your Club, and make sure you never miss another order or fulfilment for your students.

Student Portal


Allow your students to log in and manage their own data, like their opt-ins for email marketing, and their emergency contact details.

3rd Party Integrations


Use your consent and opt-in data to add your students to your mailing list through partners such as MailChimp, and your SMS consent to send SMS updates to your students via platforms like Twilio.