Terms of Service

We’re going to keep these nice and simple, and free of legal jargon. The full terms are below, but the main bullet points are;

  • We’re an independent software house
  • The terms might change, we’ll let you know if they do
  • We’ll do our very best to keep things secure and working, and we’ll use industry standard tools to do it, but right now we can’t promise a feature-rich, bug-free, always-online, totally secure platform – and you accept this
  • We can ask you to stop using the platform, change how you’re using it, or kick you off of it, at any time, for any/no reason, without needing to give notice
  • We can turn the platform off if we want or need to
  • You’ll use the platform as you’re supposed to, and not do anything dodgy
  • You’re responsible for the data/content you upload, and any relevant consent
  • If you find an exploit, tell us, nobody else, and don’t exploit it
  • If we get a security breach, as soon as practicable and safe, we’ll let you know
  • We’re providing something we hope will be useful, if it isn’t useful, or if it causes you loss, harm, damage, etc. you can’t raise civil action against us
  • If ever there’s a paid option, and you choose to use it, and you want to raise civil action against us, it’ll be limited to what you’ve paid us in the last 3 months

We (JTC Labs) have provided the Platform (Dojo Hub) to be useful. We really hope that it is useful, but we make no guarantee it will work as described or as you are expecting it.

These terms may change over time, if they do, we’ll let you know in writing, by email. We may have to change them without advanced notice, and you accept this.

You understand that JTC Labs is a small, independent software house, and this comes with inherent risks compared to using a massive company like Google or Microsoft.

We reserve the right to ask you to change how you’re using the platform, to delete your data, or deny you, or anybody else, access to the platform, with no reason or notice given, at our sole discretion.

We reserve the right to discontinue the platform at any time, with no notice given.

You agree to use the Platform as it was intended, and to not do anything malicious, or upload any false data, you agree that you have the expressed consent from anybody required to upload their information to the platform. If you don’t have the consent to upload the data, that will be your responsibility and liability, not ours.

At any time, you can decide to stop using the platform, and have your data removed, just put this request to us in writing. If you are removing a Club, all associated data will be irretrievably deleted.

If you find a way to exploit the platform, you need to let us know, and you agree to let us know, and to refrain from exploiting it or publishing it, or doing anything that is morally questionable, by our standards.

We will do our best to keep all data and files and such secure, by using industry standard practices, like only accepting secure (HTTPS) requests to our servers, and all the other technical stuff we’re capable of, but we can’t promise we won’t get hacked – we’ll do our level best, but make no guarantees. We do promise that if we detect a security breach, we’ll let you know as soon as we’ve reliably confirmed what happened, and once we are confident that revealing that information wouldn’t cause any further security risks.

We do backup our systems, and we’ll do our best to make sure everything stays online and accessible, but we’re not going to promise any uptime service level agreement. Equally, we’re not going to promise to be bug-free, or that all of our features will work all of the time, because it’s probably not viable. We do, however, sincerely apologise if we ever inconvenience you.

We’re never going to be liable for any loss you incur (including loss of data, damage to reputation) or anything else as a result of you using this Platform, or as a result of this Platform failing in part or in whole, being offline, having broken features or doing anything like that.

There are currently no paid features, and no facility to pay. If that changes, and you decide to pay, these terms remain the same unless otherwise stated.

If ever you are paying for this Software/Platform and you decide we’ve let you down so horribly that you want to raise civil action against us, you’ll never be able to claim more than you have paid us in the last 3 months.